Ping Pong Ball Lights

Halloween is coming! I don’t know about you, but I love to decorate for this occasion. I love going to the $1 store and gathering all their little Halloween decorations they have and making my house spookychic 🙂 I put a slight spin on a craft I had seen, where you use mulit-colored lights and ping pong balls to make light garland. I thought “Hey! Why not make them Halloweenish.” So I grabbed a bag of ping pong balls and white lights and this is what I came up with.

You will Need:

String of lights
Black Paint Pen
Exacto knife
Ping Pong Balls

Draw your image on the ball with your paint pen. I decided to do a set of ghosts. Remember let the marker dry then go over it again. If you don’t it will be transparent when you plug them in.

Carefully make a X on the top of the ball for the light to go in with your Exacto knife. Be careful not to push too hard or it will collapse.
Once complete you can pop the lights in. I found it looked better going every other light.

The beauty of this craft is you don’t need to glue them on your string. So you can reuse these lights. If you wanted to glue you could just use a little bit after the light is inserted.*

Here are a few variations of designs you could do with the Ping Pong Balls.



Cat Face

ENJOY!!! #Craftober
* Never leave lights unattended

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