Paper Coasters

Very similar to the Napkin Coaster you will need to find  scrapbook paper.  For this craft it can be a challenge to wrap the paper around the edges. I found it’s best if you have a little bit of white boarder.  Cut your paper into a desired square and apply with Mod Podge.  Then apply a few coats over the top.

Let dry completely.  Remember to seal it with a waterproof sealer unless you used a waterproof Mod Podge.  Make sure to apply a few layers.  You can use cork for the bottom, felt or little plastic nubs.
You can experiment with different papers, newspaper or magazines.   Maybe cut a few colored hearts and place on top of the base paper.  Just make sure you are securely gluing everything down.

You can use different colored tiles too if you want for a different effect. I have even just cut out one big shape and placed it in the middle.

You can add glitter to the top or small jewels. There is no right or wrong way to do this craft!

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