Paint Pens on Glass

This craft is fun and can be very relaxing.

Paint pens are often not used to their full potential, I feel.  Oil based paint pens are amazing!  They can help you make lines neater on paintings and fix oops mistakes. Oh, and you can make really neat designs on glass with them as well!

Now to show you my new obsession: using paint pens on glass!

You will need:

  • Glass (I used a old frame from goodwill)
  • Paint pens (one color or several)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Q-tips
  • Nail polish remover
  • Design of your choice

*Note – if you are doing a letter you need to do a mirror image.  I recommend doing this on the computer in a word document.  Or if you are great a lettering do it by hand.


Clean your glass first.  You will be using the side that touches the back of the frame (so the paint has a smoother look.  Or you can just do it right on top.  If you go to the other side make sure your writing is backwards so it turns out correctly.

Once the glass is clean get your drawing out.  I find it easier than just free handing it on the glass.  Make sure your paint pens are nice and ready (shake them for a bit before you start) and make some test lines on a scrap piece of paper.  Now you can begin.  Start with the outline.  Remember it is like paint so it dries a bit quickly. When you have your outline complete, start filling in.  I recommend going in little circular motions or short lines.  Sometimes the paint pens can have a dry erase affect and erase themselves.  So take a moment to let it dry and then you can go back over it.

Oops you make a mistake!  No problem take a little bit of nail polish remover and a Q-tip  rub out the mistake.  Let it dry then continue.

Once you are done hold the glass up to the light so you can see if you missed any spots or if some areas need more paint.

You see your fingerprints all over?  DO NOT USE WINDEX!!!  Remember it is paint.  Just use alcohol wipes.  It will get the fingerprints off and not take away your paint.  Gently rub over glass.

When you are finished and your project is dry put it back in the frame. You can use a brightly colored piece of scrapbook paper or a white piece to put behind the glass and, Voila!

You can go as simple or as intricate as you want!

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