Napkin Coasters

Napkin Coasters

This is a good way to use those leftover cocktail napkins that were just too cute to throw out.  Or you can pick up a pack at your $1 store or anywhere.  You just need to make sure they are cocktail size so they fit on the coaster.  Always bring a tile with you when looking for napkins to check the size. You can always cut an image to size.

I found these on my $1 adventure. I thought they would make a cute gift for a friend’s new place:

Now, I bet you’re wondering how in the world is a napkin going to look cool on a coaster?  Won’t it be bulky and rough? Nope! There is a trick to napkins:  they have layers!  So very carefully, take the napkin apart.  Start at the corner and find the layers you will be able to pull apart the image printed on the top layer.

It is very thin and can tear easily so be a little careful.  Now lay your tile over the image, trace it, and cut it.  Leave a little room around the edges.  When you have your size, get your Mod Podge and apply a layer on the tile.  Put your image on top, smoothing it out.  I like to use my finger or you could use a rubber burnisher if you want.  Make sure you get the paper all smooth around the edges. Cover again with Mod Podge and let dry

I use bottle caps under the tile as a drying rack so my tile won’t stick to my work surface.

  • Once dry it is time to seal it.  Unless you bought waterproof Mod Podge you will need to seal it so it can withstand water.  My favorite is Mod Podge dishwasher safe gloss sealer follow instructions indicated on bottle.
  • Once dry take your felt and cut it into a 4”x4” square.  Adhere the square to the back of the tile with a glue gun and, Boom!  You have a fancy little coaster!

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