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This June feature is Michelle Plasentilla of Button Bazaar. She creates the neatest interchangeable jewelry. She may or may not know this, but I have secretly been stalking her at craft fairs for about a year 😉 I finally got in touch with her and got to interview her.

1.Tell us a little about yourself.  

I’m Michelle, owner/operator of Button Bazaar.  I make interchangeable magnetic jewelry and accessories.  I’m married, and work my business from home, selling online and at various craft fairs in Tucson.  My other hobbies and interests include: baking, crafting, bodybuilding, pop culture/movies/music and taking care of my six doggies and 4 kitties.

2. When did you catch the creative bug?

I have been a crafter ever since I can remember!  My mom was/is very crafty, and arts and crafts was a big part of my childhood.  My most vivid and favorite memories are baking cookies and making hand made ornaments every year at Christmas.  My granny was a seamstress, and I remember loving to look through all of her sewing treasures!  I was never into playing with dolls as a kid, but loved anything artsy!

3.  What does “being creative” mean to you?

Being creative to me can mean something as simple as finding inspiration in nature, music, art, life … anywhere, really, and using that to create something … no matter how simple or small, and make it all your own.

4.  How would you describe your art and/or process?

I think I find a lot of inspiration from nature.  I love butterflies, flowers, trees, the ocean… I think a lot of these themes repeat in my offerings.  I love boho, bright colors and anything cheerful.  At this point, I mostly curate the products and designs that I like… and I figure, the people that like what I have will find me!  I spent a lot of time in the beginning trying to offer products to please everyone… and that just isn’t going to happen.  So now, I make the products that make me happy!

 5. What has been your favorite thing to create or style to create?

I really enjoyed making my silk ribbon wrap bracelets, very boho and beachy… the customers loved them too!

6. Name a craft product you can’t live without?

In my work… my button machine and button parts.  For my personal… I’d say I’m addicted to fabric and yarn!

7. If there were a magic power you could use in your art making, what would it be?

Hmmm… I’d say super eyesight!

8. Any advice for those out there who think art is to hard?

Don’t over think it… it is supposed to be fun!  Grab a coloring book or a small project.  Think back to when you were a kid and didn’t know any “rules” for art, and just dive in!

check out some her amazing art!


9. If we wanted to learn more about you and your art where can we go?



twitter @buttonladies

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