Inexpensive paint pallets

If you’re like me, I hate spending money on certain craft things that I think are a waste, for example, paint pallets.  Is it just me or are those circles just not big enough to hold the paint?   Then it seems no matter how you try, the paint all seems to mix together.  Or how about how they are so awkward to hold  in your hand as you paint.  Well, I have come up with a few easy and almost free ways to lay out your paints.

  • Meat trays: Super easy to clean and you can get a good amount of paint on it. After you remove the meat, wash with hot water and soap and, BAM, you’ve got an easy paint pallet or little tray to hold things while you craft
  • Take-out Containers :Not just for leftovers! If they have lids you can use them to store things.  They also work great for mixing.
  • Paper Plates: This is like the go-to!  Especially with kids!  Easy clean up and the colors pop on the white surface.
  • Scrap Paper: Great for glue. If you’re decoupaging this is a great way to get one last use of that paper you have laying around.  Plus, easy clean up!
  • Cereal Boxes or Cardboard: Not only can you tape your picture on it or use it as a work surface, it also works as an easel or a pallet.  A great all-in-one!

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