Halloween Light Jars

This is a super easy craft that looks way fancier when lit up.

I love saving jars. I do not like Mason or Ball jars because you have that lettering on them that really makes it hard to use. So I save jars, all kinds from jam to salsa. For this craft I used a jam jar, but any size will work.

You need:

I felt a graveyard was fitting for my jar. For inspiration I went online a looked up a few ideas. I drew on my black paper a bird, few tombstones, a hillĀ  and a tree. I am sure if you had one of those fancy paper cutting machines you could do a neater design, cough Christmas gift :)) I cut out squares of tissue paper and then took my Mod Podge and glued them inside the jar. While it dried I applied my graveyard scene with my glue stick. I flipped my images when gluing so you cannot see my pencil lines. Once it is completely dry then pop in your tea light!

You can do many variations of this craft here is a ghost I made.

Go crazy with is you could do so many things, and not even for Halloween but other holidays too! #Craftober

*Do not leave light unattended

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