More Glitter, More Problems (How To Get Rid Of It)

Ah, Glitter. Admit it:  you love it and hate it!  As a crafter I enjoy using glitter but hate how it ends up everywhere: on your face, on your hands, on your clothes. Even worse, what if you spilled glitter all over, what do you do?  Well here are some tips I have come to discover when working with glitter:

There are different kinds of glitter.  You have very fine to thick chunky glitter to glitter glues and all are great at making a very special mess of their own. When working with glitter, use a foil baking pan to work in.  This will keep the extra glitter on the bottom and the sides of the pan can keep glitter from magically floating across the room. If you lay a piece of wax paper in the bottom, when you are done you can roll up the wax paper and dump your color back in the bottle!

Another great tip that I hadn’t heard of until I started working at a school is using play dough. Yep play dough. If you get an out of control glitter mess this is perfect. Just make a giant ball and roll it over the glitter. Mash it up and go over the area again.

If you spilled some on the carpet, use a lint roller.  If you get some on your wood floor use sticky tape after you have swept the area. Now if you get some on your clothes, that’s  the worst!  First off, don’t shake the fabric.  Try your best to take off the article of clothing.   Lay it on a towel, glitter side outwards. Take a bottle of aerosol hairspray and go over all the glitter.  Let it dry then wash as usual. You may ask why not use a vacuum. You absolutely could but if your floor is like mine there are things on it that could kill your vacuum.  Also, the space of the spill may not be big enough for your vacuum.

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