Baking paper: Not Just for Cookies!

Freezer Paper

Never in a million years did I think freezer paper had more than one use. Turns out it does! I saw a blog post of a woman who uses freezer paper to make inexpensive stencils. Not everyone has $175-$250 bucks to buy a Cricut or a Silhouette to make a stencil. You can make one yourself and it’s pretty easy! The sticky part of the freezer paper when ironed on makes an easy adhesive that will stick to most surfaces and is super easy to remove. Basically you can cut out any shape or image and iron it onto your surface. Paint over it, let it dry, carefully remove paper and, BOOM! Your own screen print. See my simple tutorial here:


Wax Paper

Wax paper when crafting is a great thing to have handy. I like to use wax paper sometimes as a guard over my paint pallette. You can also use wax paper and make a simple transfer has a great tutorial on this. Wax paper can be great for holding all that washie tape. If you need to use multiple pieces you can stick it on and it can hold your tape without it curling and getting everywhere. You can take various fabric paints and make neat drawings for little window clings. Of course most popular for kiddos is the stained glass effect.  So go explore!

*NOTE:  The shiny side is usually the treated side which has the non-stick properties so it should go against/under the craft.


Parchment paper

Like its sister wax paper, parchment paper has a nice non stick surface but is coated with silicone rather than wax. It also can be reused multiple times, unlike wax paper. A fun craft to use with parchment paper is taking a glue gun and making neat images that you can cover in glitter or paint. Once the glue cools down you can peel it off easily.


Aluminum foil

Yes, you can totally use aluminum foil for crafts! You can use a glue gun and draw a neat picture for a 3D effect. Foil is great for keeping a brush wet if you are switching between paints but do not want to wash it out. Simply take a wet paper towel, wrap over brush, and cover with foil. You can cut out a simple shape multiple times and make a neat pattern on a canvas. The possibilities are endless!

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