Brushes (Yes! Even A Toothbrush)

Ah, paint brushes, so many types and styles that create so many neat strokes. To be honest, I am not much of a painter.  But I do love experimenting with different textures when I paint. I have some fun ways to get an even cooler, more unique brush stroke on that boring canvas or that project that needs some texture.


  • Bell Pepper – Cut a bell pepper down the center and you get a neat shamrock affect
  • Celery – Stalks make a neat moon shape.  If you cut the whole stalk almost at the end, you can get a neat rose effect
  • Potatoes – You can cut them into neat shapes or just use a half
  • Corn – You can use it as a paint roller and get awesome dots
  • Cauliflower – Use a floret cut in half for a neat flower effect
  • Orange or Lemon – slice and use as a fun stamp

Random objects

A fun thing to do, too is to take a clothespin and attach one of these “brush tips” and, Bam! You have a fun new texture to try out. If you have kiddos they will love this too!

  • Feather
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • PomPom
  • String
  • Ribbon






These are just some ideas, of course. You can experiment and make your own. Sometimes it’s fun just to ditch the old paint brush and do something new, even a toothbrush!


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